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Emergency Restoration & Construction Services

Holt didn’t invent 24/7, but we certainly live by it. With fully stocked emergency vehicles and staff on-call 24/7, Holt can handle most disasters or emergency needs.

We understand emergencies happen all hours of the day and night. Let us assist you in these unfortunate situations. We can manage temporary repairs such as securing owner’s assets, interior and exterior building clean-up, water extraction, structural drying, and tarping damaged roofs. We also have a dedicated team of mechanical contractors on standby to handle most plumbing, electrical or HVAC emergency.

When emergencies do arise, it is comforting to call one company to manage all of your needs. Holt has the ability to handle projects from a minor plumbing leak to a multi-unit fire. We will work with your insurance adjuster to obtain the fast, fair and accurate settlement to restore your facilities to its previous condition, or better.

We complete emergency repairs as of a result of hail – fire – wind – and water. All repairs are done in a timely and professional manner so you can stop worrying and start planning for the future. Put us to the test. You will not be disappointed.


Regarding work at my Indianapolis property, "the Holt Construction Group, under the supervision of Brandon Compton and Troy Wyatt, were able to restore my ill-prepared and incompleted handicapped bath/bedrooms by an incompetent home improvement group. The prior work was, or did, not meet federal or state guidelines for me to use. Neverthleless, when I was referred to the Holt Construction Group and they assessed what was needed to be corrected to complete the work, I accepted. Fortunately, they corrected and brought the job into compliance as required by law and sensitivity to my needs...they were just highly perceptive, responsive, understanding of my needs as a perfectionist. I'm very grateful to them. Thank you very much for everything."

Theresa A. Williams
Indianapolis Resident-Holt Customer

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