Commercial Construction


We do it all and we do it right.

We use the saying “Whatever it takes” and our team abides to that rule. We work with a range sub-contractors to get the job done. Our team’s expertise and efficiencies bring the best services for your construction needs.

Commercial Conversion & Commercial Expansion

Renovating and expanding your commercial property means opportunity for growth and a renewed future for your business. Let Holt help you identify and solve your construction problems. We can help to make your office, commercial building, or warehouse into a more functional, comfortable and enjoyable facility.

Framing and Drywall

Holt has the knowledge and expertise it takes to successfully update nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior care facilities. Our team pays attention to ensuring the project is ADA compliant in all aspects while staying diligent to the safety of the team, project, tenants and patients throughout construction.


With Holt’s extensive network of flooring vendors, we can handle your project. From subfloor replacement to ceramic tile installation, Holt has you covered.


Holt understands the importance of starting the job right, every time so that means we begin every interior or exterior painting project with proper preparation. Each job starts with an evaluation of the surface to determine the proper course of action.

After preparation, our experienced professionals use the correct procedure to apply the appropriate coating product to produce a beautiful, lasting job. And, as with all of our work, we do this with an eye on your budget.

Electrical & Plumbing

There isn’t much Holt can’t handle when it comes to electrical and plumbing. We have connections with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire suppression, and alarm contractors.


Let’s Get Started

We have you covered from everything regarding your Commercial Construction needs. We do it right and we provide the best level of customer service and expert services.



Call Holt to get your project started. We are here to listen and come up with a plan for your Commercial Construction needs.



"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the fast repose to my call for help on Thursday 3-29-17 and the professionalism that your group showed to my Residents. Then the follow thru on Friday making sure all of the garden homes and tower were water tight. Chris Thanks for taking my call on your night off and making all this come together so quickly you have made me look good to the people above me when you should be getting all the credit . It was you and your team that desires the credit for your quick repose and your follow through the next day. Thanks to you and all the employee’s that were here on those two days."


Stephen Close

Response to Storm Damage Emergency Call
Robin Run Village-Indianapolis

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Multi-Family Construction



Indianapolis, Indiana

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Multi-Family Construction


Hunters Creek

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