General Construction

At Holt Construction, our ability to adapt

to the needs of our customers is what separates us from our competition.

From roof leaks, to sidewalk replacement, to a full exterior rehab, Holt Construction does “Whatever it Takes” to make sure even the smallest repair is done quickly – and correctly.

• Unit Turn
• Punch Out
• Exterior Carpentry Repair
• Door Jamb

• Carports
• Balcony Leaks
• Roof Leaks
• Drywall Repair

• Fence Repair
• Masonry
• Doors
• Gutters

Exterior Painting

Quality exterior painting begins with proper preparation. Holt crews understand the importance of starting the job right, every time.  Each job starts with an evaluation of the exterior surface to aid us in determining the proper course of action.

After preparation, our experienced professionals use the correct procedure to apply the appropriate coating product to produce a beautiful, lasting job. And, as with all of our work, we do this with an eye on your budget.

Concrete Repair

Is your property in need of sidewalk replacement? Has the winter deteriorated your streets? Holt is your one stop concrete replacement company.

We specialize in concrete tear-our, focusing on sidewalks, patios, and streets. We begin with the tear-out, then inspect the grade, and add the proper fill before pouring back the sections.

Holt construction also inspects and repairs fallen street drains.

Siding and Window Replacement

Looking to update the look of your property? Wanting to increase curb appeal? Looking to add products to increase the longevity of your assets? Siding and window replacement is the only way to go.

With over 35 years of combined siding and window experience, Holt Construction Group is the perfect partner. With partnerships established at the national and local levels, we have the ability to complete a major rehab at the lowest cost possible. Low cost is only part of the equation. A large, efficient, quality workforce is also necessary. Holt Construction can not only bring the project in under budget, but also bring it in under the time frame allotted.

With thousands of square feet of siding and windows installed every year, Holt Construction Group knows what it takes to manage a complete exterior rehabilitation project. Contact us today for a FREE quote.


Regarding work at my Indianapolis property, "the Holt Construction Group, under the supervision of Brandon Compton and Troy Wyatt, were able to restore my ill-prepared and incompleted handicapped bath/bedrooms by an incompetent home improvement group. The prior work was, or did, not meet federal or state guidelines for me to use. Neverthleless, when I was referred to the Holt Construction Group and they assessed what was needed to be corrected to complete the work, I accepted. Fortunately, they corrected and brought the job into compliance as required by law and sensitivity to my needs...they were just highly perceptive, responsive, understanding of my needs as a perfectionist. I'm very grateful to them. Thank you very much for everything."

Theresa A. Williams
Indianapolis Resident-Holt Customer

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