Holt Readiness Action Plan HRAP


When disaster strikes a building, it affects the ability for a business to operate at full capacity.

The Holt Readiness Action Plan HRAP helps your business prepare for the unexpected and empowers you to take action that will reduce damage and loss to your business while preventing additional costly repairs.


A business is never immune to natural or man-made disasters – the smart ones simply plan their response before it strikes. With HRAP, our team works with you to proactively identify important information about your business and areas of your building that are necessary to know when faced with an emergency situation. Our HRAP program utilizes cutting edge technology to gather pre-loss information on your building(s), so that when a catastrophe occurs we all know where to go, who to call and what to do–immediately. From repairing a single frozen pipe to restoring water damage to your commercial property, we are there with the plan and the solution.

Having this organized information on-hand, and in a central location, makes emergency planning more efficient, keeps your employees safe, and equips you with an action plan to follow should the time come.  With the Holt Readiness Action Plan (HRAP) program, you limit your downtime and get back to normal business ASAP saving valuable time and money on repairs.

Additionally, Holt’s direction throughout the process provides a unique advantage when helping you restore damages. Our team responds quickly with the protocols set in place to expertly complete the restoration needs necessary for getting your business up and running at its full capacity.

We are the best local emergency restoration company, and value our client relationships highly. We are a full service company and can handle any size of loss no matter how large or small. We are here as your partner to ensure that you are taken care of and can focus on your clients by leaving the restoration to us.

Make Sure Your Business is Prepared


The Holt Advantage:

We are experts in the Insurance industry and will be with you through the entire process to ensure that you are prepared and taken care of appropriately.

We give you access to our cloud-based platform, allowing you to sign in and see progress reports and communicate with us in real time.

Our team is uniquely equipped for handling Medical & Senior facilities during and after times of crisis. We protect patient information and maintain building security at the highest of priorities during the restoration process.


Regarding work at my Indianapolis property, "the Holt Construction Group, under the supervision of Brandon Compton and Troy Wyatt, were able to restore my ill-prepared and incompleted handicapped bath/bedrooms by an incompetent home improvement group. The prior work was, or did, not meet federal or state guidelines for me to use. Neverthleless, when I was referred to the Holt Construction Group and they assessed what was needed to be corrected to complete the work, I accepted. Fortunately, they corrected and brought the job into compliance as required by law and sensitivity to my needs...they were just highly perceptive, responsive, understanding of my needs as a perfectionist. I'm very grateful to them. Thank you very much for everything."

Theresa A. Williams
Indianapolis Resident-Holt Customer

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